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Jimi Genzling
Owner and Chief Instructor at Desert Eagle Shooters, Long Range Precision Rifle Training

Having received my first rifle, a Stevens single shot bolt action .22, for my birthday in 1967 and the tutelage of my Dad and older Brother my journey to rifle marksmanship began. Having received numerous schools and instruction from some of the best long range marksman in the military as well as my required skill being available on demand while I served, I have striven to do the very best I could in delivering a projectile to a precise place with precise effects at any distance and under any conditions, (natural or man made).

The classes will consist of training in not only the shooting aspect of PLRR marksmanship, but more importantly internal and exterior effects on your shot. What are they, how to determine them, how to apply them and how the calculations you made will result in success or failure in you bullet delivery. What will be offered will be the most complete, accurate and precise instruction that I am capable and qualified to deliver.  As well as the ballistics and skill set instruction we offer an opportunity to learn how to not only manufacture precision ammunition through reloading, we tech you "How" to develop precision, consistent performance ammunition that is perfect for "Your" particular rifle.

We hope you join us in the never ending journey in search of the consistent perfectly delivered long range shot. Classes are scheduled to start and all classes will be of limited number for quality instruction.

Note: We do offer individual Private instruction as well as private instruction to business groups or personal protection teams, Police, Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies.